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Equipment List



Sony FS7 

Sony A7iii



Canon EF USM II IS / 70-200mm

Canon EF USM II / 24-70mm / f2.8

Canon EF USM II / 16-35 mm / f2.8

Canon EF USM IS / 24-105 / f4

Sony FE PZ / 28 - 135 mm / f4

Metabones Speed booster for all Canon Lenses.



Sachtler  Video 20 head, Speed lock 1 legs

Sachtler  FS6 head, Telescopic Tripod

Manfrotto Monopod w/fluid head

FS7 Shoulder Rig



Tommy Track Slider 3 Foot

Edelkrone 2 Foot



Wireless: Lectrosonics system, with mic

Wired: Tram Lav 

Shotgun: Sennheiser ME66/K6

Boom pole



Odyssey 7Q+ monitor recorder 



Nanlite Forza 720B, Forza 300, Forza 150

Litepanels Astra x6, 1x1 Bi-color with soft box. 

Litepanels Astra x4 1x1 Bi-color with soft box. 

F&V K 4000S Bi-Color 1x1

Kino Diva Light

3 LTM Pepper Fresnel Lights: 300w, 420w, 600w

Lowell Lights: (3) 1K, (2) Omni, (2) Pro, (2) Toda

4 C-Stands

2 Coleman C-Stands 

6 Arri Stands

4 Lowell Stands

Various sand bags 

Various Gels and Duvatene

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